Grand Prizes to be Won: Bingbon 3rd Anniversary Competition

Bingbon is proud to be launching its Profit Ranking Competition, the first NFT event to mark its third anniversary celebration.

We wanted to do something special for our users as a way of saying thank you for supporting us throughout our three-year crypto journey.

NFT is the abbreviated terminology for “Non-Fungible Token.” They are classified as digital collectibles that are tradable assets, stored on a blockchain to keep a record of an owner’s work.

Our Profit Ranking Competition consists of two rounds — the preliminary and the final round. Participants have a chance to win up to 50,000 USDT as well as Limited Collections of NFTs. With regards to the NFTs, Bingbon will only issue 500 during this event. Users may obtain NFT rewards in both the Preliminary and Final rounds by profit amount ranking or popularity listing. In turn, they can either choose to exchange them for USDT at the official buyback rate or withdraw them to their wallets.

We felt now was the perfect timing to host a competition that included gifting NFTs. After all, these digital collectibles are gaining much traction and bringing with them a new type of innovation that is capable of disrupting and at the same time transforming the industry. In addition, it breathes the spirit of creativity. The beauty surrounding blockchain and crypto is that you can never predict the outcomes or surprises that present themselves from time to time.

Registration is simple. To participate, the only requirement is that users must have an account balance of 30 USDT. Users can rest assured that no limitations will be placed on deposits, withdrawals, or exchanges during the event.

The preliminary round comprises 3 phases (one phase per week, ranked by profit amount). The top 30 contestants in the first phase will earn a spot in the final round while for the second phase, the top 60 candidates will be rewarded with NFTs. However, the top 5 candidates in the third phase can win between 500 USDT up to 5,000 USDT. Rewards allotted for this phase depend on the position of the candidate (1st to 5th).

Additionally, there is a popularity list in the Preliminary round. Users can vote once per day for any candidate they wish to support in advancing to the final round. The top 100 candidates will automatically go on to the final round while the top 170 will be rewarded with NFTs.

In the final round of the Profit Ranking Competition, candidates will compete for the grand prize of 50,000 USDT. This will be determined by the individual and profit amount. Last but not least, there will also be a separate award called the most popular team award in the final round where the three most popular teams compete to win the highest reward of 45,000 USDT. The more the team members, the higher the popularity ranking. Teams can simply increase their popularity ranking by having more participants join their team.

In the interest of fairness, awards will be equally distributed among team members. Please be advised that the preliminary round kicks off on May 20th and ends on June 10th while the final round will begin on the ending date of the preliminary round and continues until June 17th.

Bingbon began operations as a crypto derivative exchange in 2018 and has miraculously soared above its expectations. Like many other exchanges in the space, we started from ground zero, gradually learning the ropes of the industry while paying attention to user’s behavior every step of the way. Bingbon will persist to make its name known, erasing its status as an emerging exchange by further cementing its foundation and building up robust pillars to withstand the test of time despite the ever-changing dynamics in the derivative space.

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