Bingbon Rebrand AMA Recap

AMA Part 1: Questions collected from BingX’s Telegram Community

Watch the repeat telecast of the Live AMA

1. Can Bingbon Rebranding really improve our platform? If the answer is yes?..can you give us an example? Asked by @MrCryptDroper

2. How the Bingbon Rebranding helps the community to grow, and being competitive with other big platforms? Asked by@oniichan25

3. What’s the ongoing plan of bingx by rebranding and new things we expect to see in near future? Asked by @mrsimsofficial

4. Will staking or pools be a thing in the future on BingX? Asked by @t19

6. There are currently many exchanges and trading platforms for users to choose, what are the biggest and most different advantages of BingX? Asked by @havemyknight

7. Hello Emerson and Aziz. Congratulations on this milestone. Cross-chain is still a trending tech in the industry, we know the success of Binance with bsc and OKEx chain. Is BingX planning to develop its own network and if yes, what would you name it? Asked by @millionaire_gl

8. Why did you decided to rebrand Bingbon? Do you think it is a good time to do so? Asked by@Abykrin

9. If you were a BTC millionaire, how would you invest? Emre Sahin.