Bingbon Announces Partnership with SlowMist to Beef Up Security Measures

Bingbon is excited to be announcing their newest partnership with SlowMist, a company focusing on blockchain ecosystem security!

Bingbon users can now report security-related issues found while navigating Bingbon’s platform. This alliance between Bingbon and SlowMist aims at strengthening security within the blockchain and crypto industry.

SlowMist connects security researchers and blockchain companies to bring more security to the blockchain ecosystem. Moreover, SlowMist has helped Bingbon improve their security operations through their security auditing, and security monitoring bug bounty services.

Bingbon values safety and is fully aware that having a strong security ecosystem for crypto trading is imperative for our clients hence why we are fully on board with this partnership. ” Said Daly Young, Product Lead of Bingbon.

Being part of an initiative that encourages others to report security threats or vulnerabilities is extremely critical for the cryptocurrency industry and will help Bingbon minimize any potential security breaches or risks in the future. Thus, Bingbon’s security will be stronger more than ever and users can feel safer trading on Bingbon. Aside from safety, Bingbon provides a smoother performance for clients, which ensures that operations remain stable under extreme market conditions.

To report these bugs along with other performance-related issues, users can visit “Submit Bug Bounty”. The reward will depend on the seriousness of the vulnerability.

About BingBon

Bingbon is a fintech company dedicated to making crypto derivatives market available and accessible to the world and enabling all participants from all walks of life to invest in a simple and transparent way. Established in 2018, Bingbon allows users to trade contracts of Cryptocurrencies, Global Indices, Forex, and Commodities for long and short positions. Bingbon is also the first crypto derivatives exchange to offer copy trading feature for users.

About SlowMist

SlowMist is a blockchain ecosystem security company providing cybersecurity audits and protection for leading digital asset exchanges, crypto wallets, public chains, and smart contracts. For more information, visit:

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